Biobrbil (1)


Big Robot Bil is one of the three robots created by Willie's father Ottoborg. Bil is Willie's brother, only appears in The Neverhood and is voiced by Doug TenNapel.


The Neverhood

Big Robot Bil was one of the three robots made by Ottoborg. He was the helper robot and was brothers with Ottoborg's son Willie. After Klogg took over, Bil was not encouraged to fight Klogg's gaurdian, The Clockwork Beast, until it destroyed Bil's teddy bear. Bil died in this fight after having a cannonball shot through his chest, and Willie died also as he was controlling Bil. Both are resurrected by Hoborg in the good ending.

The spoilers end here. 


Bil has shiny blue eyes and and elevator-esque machine on his forehead. He wears a striped tie and has one rusted shoulder. He has a rusted middle part and red and silver limbs. He has huge feet.

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